About Us

Hi, we are the Kramer's

Sandy & Phil

I wanted to share our story with you!

I've always done crafts, every since I was a child. My passion of crafts for over 50 years, are finally bringing it to a fruition.

Phil is an appliance service technician. He supports me throughout my crafting endeavors & my creativity. remarK-able Creations was started in our dining room of our farmhouse November 2017, just a few months after we got married. The business name came about from when Phil & I started dating. When I asked what his last name was, he said Kramer, remarK spelled backwards. Even though our marriage started and still is amazing, we still have set backs like every couple does.

In January 2018 I lost my mom to kidney failure. It hit me pretty hard for mom lived with us. We converted mom's room into what we now call the Craffice.

In 2019 I started seeing a Nephrologist myself. I was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney failure. Pretty heart wrecking for us, but being the fighter I am, I'm not letting it win!

February 2020 my oldest brother Martin was diagnosed with mesothelioma. He also lived with us. He passed April 2020.

I won't let these things get me down. I devote my retirement time to our craft business. I retired after 21 years of driving a school bus for Rockford Public schools on February 26, 2024. Phil helps in anyway he can especially lifting, setting up at craft shows & helping with many ideas for products. The business has been extremely successful just from word of mouth and Facebook.

We are determined to continually grow our business to include a store front some day.

We are taking the love we have for our business and expanding it now with a website . Just for all of our wonderful customers like you to enjoy!

So grab that cup of coffee, click around, enjoy our sight and don't forget to share this site with all your friends and family!

God Bless, and have a wonderful day!

Thank you,

Sandy & Phil